Italian Desserts Recipes

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italian desserts recipes

Why are There so Many Free Recipes for Italian Desserts?

Turn on any food show today and you’ll find a huge assortment of ethnic offerings. From Chinese and other Asian cuisines to French, German and even British cooking, every corner of the globe where people put food to fire is represented. Most of these are relative newcomers to the global food scene, whereas Italian food has been on every cook’s slate for decades. This explains why there are so many free recipes for Italian desserts around: they’re delicious, and there is a dizzying variety available.

Cheesecake, of course, is by far the most popular Italian dessert. That’s curious, as it actually is not terribly Italian in its composition. It’s an American invention, although Italian-Americans are most often credited with both finding and perfecting the Recipe and preparation methods. No reputable Italian restaurant would ever be caught without at least one cheesecake on the menu, and very often you’ll see competitions within a city between the top-tier Italian joints to build the highest, richest and best creations. It’s no surprise that some of these recipes make it into the vaults of free recipes for Italian desserts available online.

The true heart of Italian desserts, however, are the gelatos, those ice cream-like creations that come in an insane variety of flavors and top the finest efforts of frozen treat confectioners from around the world. In Italy, gelato shops are almost as common as Starbucks coffee houses are here in United States, and the sweets they purvey are like no others. From the classic hazelnut or chocolate to more exotic flavors like mango, lime and graham cracker, you’ll find something for every palate.

My personal favorite Italian dessert, however, is the cannoli. There’s a reason why “Leave the guns, take the cannoli,” is one of the most identifiable quotes from the “Godfather” movies. This mystical synergy between a crunchy pastry shell and a lightly sweet pastry cream, sometimes with nuts or a drizzle of chocolate added, is simply unbeatable to many Italian food connoisseurs.

All of these have made it into the archives of free recipes for Italian desserts. With a little hunting, you can find whatever you seek!

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